Every Color Option for Every Year

Every Exterior Mustang Color In One Place

We have taken 800+ exterior color options and combinations since 1964 and put them into the ultimate database. Find the model year and exterior colors across all of the Mustang's history. 

Mustang Exterior Paint Colors - Every Color & Every Year

You probably didn't know that there have been over 800+ color options for the Mustang in its illustrious history. Pulling together every single exterior color into a single database is no mean feat and took our team of analysts weeks of work to do. To make this data useful we found the color code, the Ford code and the Ditzler PPG cod too. In addition we grouped all the colors into color groups to make finding other colors in the same family easier. Finally, we have found images of cars in each color to help you see the real thing. Credit for all codes and colors goes to paintref.com. Please check out the site. If you are looking for automotive paint and trying to figure out the name of a color, their automotive paint database is the place to go.

How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table. If you want to see all "1965" Mustang color options for example, just type "1965" into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors. Likewise if you are looking for all "blue" Mustang colors over the years, just type "blue" into search field. If you want all "1965 blue" colors then you type that into search. The table is sorted by year but you can also sort and filter in any other way you want. Have fun.