Mustang Colors by Color Group

Mustang Colors by Shade

Most of us know the basic color shade we want on our Mustang, but just aren't sure of the specific color we want to go with. We grouped all the Mustang colors into groups by shade to make exploring easier and more fun. 

Mustang Color Shades

Dive into each color shade and find color codes, model years and color options for that specific shade. Looking for a red Mustang color but not sure which reds were offered over the years? Click on Red Color Shades below and find all the red colors offered for every single year. You can also see a gallery of real cars in each color to make it easier to find the red you want. We even have the best colors for each shade based on popularity and historical significance. Credit for all codes and colors goes to Please check out the site. If you are looking for automotive paint and trying to figure out the name of a color, their automotive paint database is the place to go.

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