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Mustang Color Research Hub

Everything you could ever want to know about Mustang colors from 1964 till today. We dive into the world of Mustang colors and help you research and find what you need. 

Mustang Color Hubs & Research Pages

These pages all the ways you can research Mustang colors on this site. They are the high level reports and data pages we have that then allow you to drill down deeper. Simply click on the engine hub you want to learn more. 

Exterior & Interior Color Options By Model Year

Which exterior colors were available on the 1988 Mustang? Which interior color trim options were available on the 1972 Mustang? These questions are most easily answered by diving into the color pages for each model year. You can find all the codes, samples, options and information needed for anything related to exterior colors, interior trim colors and options and convertible top colors also. 

Color Shade Research

These are quick links to dive into specific color shades in the Mustang universe. Find pictures of Mustang colors as well as all the codes and options numbers plus sample chips too. 

Galleries & Pictures

Mustang Pictures by Color

Find the Mustang colors you want and dig up cool photos to see the real thing. 

Real Mustang Car Pictures by Color Shades

We grouped these Mustang pictures by color shade because some people are obsessed with only red Mustangs while others thing red sucks and blue Mustangs is where its at. 

Real Car Pictures by Color Name

Want to see some cars? Want to see examples of Mustangs in a specific color? We have a list of 350+ Mustang colors that you can easily click on to learn more.