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The 4th Generation Ford Mustang – Mustang Returns To Its Roots

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The 4th Generation Ford Mustang

1994 – 2004

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A major redesign was in the works for the fourth generation of Mustang and the classic Mustang styling was back in a big way. Features like the traditional pony grill emblem and side scoops made a comeback. Even though it was still built on an updated Fox platform, the Mustang was called SN-95 by Ford. The base Mustang in 1994 through 1998 offered a 3.8-liter V6 and a five-speed manual transmission. A four-speed automatic transmission was optional. The Mustang GT boosted performance with a 5.0-liter small-block V8. The Cobra R got an update and limited re-release in 1995 and in 2000, an updated Cobra R was released. It featured a 5.4-liter V8 engine with 385 horsepower and five-spoke alloy wheels. Also during the fourth generation of the Mustang, Ford introduced its more conventional models in a variety of striking colors, such as bright yellow, bright green, purple, and metallic hues. Inspired by the 1968 film Bullitt featuring Steve McQueen and the 1968 Mustang GT, Ford released the Bullitt GT in 2001.
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