Model Year Research

Mustang Color Research For Every Model Year

Exterior & Interior Colors, Numbers & Trim Codes for every Mustang model year. All in one place for the ultimate in Mustang model year research fun. 

Color Research For Every Mustang Production Year

This page is dedicated to helping you find your specific Mustang model year and then dive into the available colors for that year. We have create a single "color" page for each model year that is designed to give you all the color information you could need for that specific Mustang year. We have included exterior colors, colors samples, color codes and more. We have also grabbed interior colors and trim options as well as samples where possible (harder to get for interiors). To find the color information for a model just click on the model year below. 

Mustang Model Year Color Research 

Below we have all the color options for all Mustang model years. Our data includes exterior colors, interior colors and other color-related options include color codes and samples. Click on the model year you want to research and you will find all the color information needed for that year. 

More Mustang Color Research

We are color obsessed here at Mustang Specs so check out some of the other ways to dive into the world of Mustang colors and options below.