Mustang Engine Research Hub

Mustang Engines Research Hub

If you are looking to learn more about a specific Mustang engine, this is the place for you. 

Mustang Engine Hubs & Research Pages

These pages include spec tables, rankings and engine information grouped and organized to make life easier. Simply click on the engine hub you want to learn more. 

Mustang Engines by Year

In most years, multiple engines were available for the Ford Mustang. We have pulled together all the engine options, codes and specs for every model year Mustang since 1964 till today. Click on the Mustang model year below you want to research and you will find all the engines that were available for that year. 

Mustang Engines by Family/Group

This view of Mustang engines helps you research specific families of Ford engines used in Mustangs. While these groupings below could actually be consolidated even further (into the Essex V6 for example) we figured this was the most appropriate grouping of Mustang engines for our purposes. Clicking on the links below will take you to all the engines within that family of engines that was used on a Mustang model. 

Mustang Engines by Displacement

From the smallest Mustang engine (2.3 liters since you ask) to the largest (try 7 liters on for size) we give you every Mustang engine organized by displacement. 

Mustang Engines by Layout & Cylinder Count

Over the years Mustang engines have come in all shapes, sizes and layouts. From 4 cylinder engines to the might supercharged V8s we know and love. Below you can find all Mustang engines organized by configuration and layout.