Mustang Price Research

Mustang Prices Data & Options

Options and pricing data for all Mustang models and variants over the years. From base prices to which options were offered and at what cost, we cover it all. 

Mustang Prices & Options Over the Years

The Ford Mustang is one of the great success stories of the automotive world. It came out of nowhere and captivated an entire country and generation of drivers. Its sales success was instant and a large part of that success was its affordability. All of a sudden American consumers could buy a sporty car that looks good, went fast and was not expensive. This page is dedicated to this affordability. We have collected and organized all the MSRP prices for the Mustang since 1964 and organized it several ways. You can see pricing for all Mustang models and variants from the very beginning. We have also collected and showcased all of the Mustang options over the years, model by model so you can see what was offered in any specific year and what the cost of each option was. 

Mustang Price Data

Mustang is all-American muscle that finally allowed citizens to buy a sporty car for reasonable prices. Things have not changed in that respect because the Mustang is only slightly more expensive on an inflation adjusted basis than it was back in 1964. That is quite amazing. Below, check out out pricing data organized in several chunks. 

Mustang Options & Prices by Year

Below we have gathered all the pricing and options information for every Mustang model year. In the early years the Mustangs had a lot of options and choices and over the years that dwindled down as the Mustang came with more and more items as standard.