1974 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

1974 Options & Prices

1974 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

This was the beginning of the second generation Mustangs. The hardtop was offered as a Ghia or luxury style and the hatchback was offered as a Mach 1 or sporty looking (but not performing) option. The default engine was the “LIMA” engine a 140 cubic inch 4 cylinder overhead cam slug with 88 horsepower.

To create the image of a sports car, one could get the Mach 1 model. This was nothing more than cosmetic appliqués inside and out. The Rallye package added some handling performance to the suspension however did not add anything to the real performance of the car. The Rallye pack added Traction-loc, wide oval tires, extra cooling, competition suspension, color keyed exterior remote control mirrors, a clock, adjustable shocks styled steel wheels and a leather wrapped steering wheel.

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