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This is your center for all things 1966 Ford Mustang related. The ultimate reference center. 

The Most Comprehensive Information on the 1966 Mustang

Welcome to our data center. From our in depth guide to technical drawings and everything in between, you can find it here. This is where you can find all the information you could ever need on the 1966 Ford Mustang. Get under the hood with our detailed engineering drawings as well as our very detailed color guides and VIN decoding information. Don't forget to read our in-depth guide to understand more about the 1966 Mustang and its history.  

Read Our In-Depth Guide

This post takes you through the history, updates and story behind the 1966 Mustang. It also shares specs, production and performance numbers as well as much more. Just click on the link below to read the most comprehensive guide to the 1966 Mustang. 

Detailed 1966 Mustang Data & Reports

These top level reports and details break out important information for the 1966 Mustang. Our in-depth guide is great, but sometimes you need to dig further. In these reports you will find detailed production numbers (by body type and code), VIN details to decode your VIN, pricing and options details for the model year as well find specific color options and samples of colors too. 

1966 Mustang Limited & Special Edition Models

These are the limited edition and special edition 1966 Mustang variants and models. These 1966 special edition cars and packages are rare and special in many ways. The main driver of these models in 1966 was the Million Mustang Sales event. 

1966 Mustang Engines In Detail

Information and specifications for each available engine option for the 1966 Mustang. For 1966 there were four engine options based on either the 289 cubic inch V8 or the 200 cubic inch Thriftpower inline 6. 

More 1966 Ford Mustang

The 1966 Mustang fun continues. Check here for ongoing coverage, cool cars for sale and anything else we find interesting and exciting for 1966 Mustang owners and fans.