1966 High Country Special Mustang – Ultimate Guide

A special run of cars to be delivered to only the Denver DSO

1966 High Country Mustang

1966 High Country Special Mustang

In 1966, Ford started a special run of cars to be delivered to only the Denver DSO. The only things special about these cars is their colors and a special brass shield that was attached to the front fenders above the word Mustang. Only three colors were available on the HCS Columbine Blue (kind of a dark robin’s egg blue color), Aspen Gold or Timberline Green. However, these were special colors and not available on any other Mustang. There were only 333 cars made, of that number 274 were coupes,20 were fastbacks, and 39 were convertibles.

The cars were pretty much like all other Mustangs produced in 1966, they were all body styles, and any engine /transmission options that were available. If you are looking for one of these, they were built only in San Jose Plant, have a date code of 15G , and have a six digit DSO code that started with 51 02nn. They were shipped by train to Denver where they were re-shipped to dealers in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. So they are not just found in Colorado but in any state that worked out of the Denver DSO.

Only 333 were produced for 1966, and they were only sold in Colorado, Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska. All were built in the San Jose plant, and you could choose any of the three available body styles.

1966 High Country Special

  • Only three colors available: Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold or Timberline Green
  • Brass “shield” emblem on front fenders
  • All body styles, and engine options available (unlike 1968 HCS. )
  • Built only in San Jose Plant
  • Production Numbers: 333 units