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The 3rd Generation Ford Mustang – Welcome to the Famous Foxbody

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The 3rd Generation Ford Mustang

1979 – 1993

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The third generation of Mustang was built on the Fox platform which was used extensively by Ford on its midsize cars. Initially, Ford executives wanted to transform the Mustang into a front-wheel drive vehicle to go with the current trends of the time, but fans wanted the Mustang to stay as a rear-wheel drive and ultimate won. The Foxbody Mustang offered a variety of engines during its run, including an inline-four, an inline-six, a V6 and a V8. Four or five-speed manuals were standard as well as three or four-speed automatics. The appearance of this Mustang took on a more modern look with less heft than the earlier generations. The front end was unspectacular with large rectangle style headlights. In 1980, a hardtop was released for a convertible feel, but in 1983, after a nine-year absence, the convertible Mustang made a comeback. One of the most notable models introduced in the third generation of Mustangs was the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Cobra, a special-edition Mustang released in 1993.

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