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About Us

Mustang Specs is the combination of three of the best websites on the planet for Ford Mustang research.

The first site was which was founded by Jerry Walters and the second sites was which was founded by Matt Rigney. The third website was that was the source for all your Mustang news, events, rumors and more. In mid 2020 all three Mustang websites were combined to create the ultimate Ford Mustang research hub, the definitive Mustang Heaven for fans. The new owners (A07 Online Media automotive network) are an equally dedicated team of dedicated “car nuts”. Our goal is to grow the community and make the go-to resource for Mustang fans, owners and potential owners.

Since inception, both Mustang Specs and Mustang-s offered complete coverage of all things Ford Mustang related. Obsessively covering Mustang news, reviews, videos and everything else going on in the pony car world, we hope you find what you are looking for.

Our mission is to deliver this automotive information in a concise, organized and engaging manner at no cost to users. Mustang Specs is built for the enthusiast and fan in mind. Besides our website we also actively share content on social media and engage our fans to maintain an exceptional high level of engagement. Our key social networks include Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Mustang Specs is part of the A07 Online Media automotive network, a collection of niche communities in the automotive and motorcycle space. If you are looking to reach passionate fans, then feel free to reach out about partnership opportunities. Contact us about partnerships, advertising or even about becoming a contributor.