1966 Ford Mustang Anniversary Gold Edition – Ultimate Guide

One of Rarest 1st Generation Mustangs

Mustang Anniversary Gold Edition

1966 Ford Mustang Anniversary Gold Edition

Several special edition Mustangs and packages were sold in 1966. Possibly the rarest of all first-generation Mustangs is the special Anniversary Gold Mustang. The Anniversary Gold Edition was a limited edition, special-order Mustang. Although never confirmed, it is believed that only 50 units were ever made (and only five exist today). This is one of the rarest Mustangs around. It was part of the Million Mustang Sale event.

The Anniversary Gold Mustangs were all hardtops and came with the C-code 289 cubic inch 2-barrel V8 engine (with 200 hp) and automatic transmissions. The interior was also upgraded and it came with cool looking steel-styled wheels and a unique Anniversary Edition Gold paint job. Anniversary Gold Mustangs were produced by a special order (number 1111) on March 29, 1966.

These cars were part of a prize package for a Ford dealer sales competition, and one car went to each Ford sales district. Many of these cars were given away in dealer promotions such as the “Treasure Chest” contest held by Metke Ford in Bellevue, Washington. Anecdotally we have heard of some really fun giveaways that happened at the time.