1972 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

1972 Options & Prices

Ford Mustang 1972

1972 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

The Boss 351 and both versions of the 429 engine were dropped. During the early part of ’72, a special 351 HO model was offered. If you ordered the HO package, the only transmission available was the 4 speed top loader. The axle was equipped with a 3.91:1 traction lock differential. Additionally the car received dual exhaust, an electronic rev limiter, power front disc brakes, rear drum brakes and a special handling suspension. The only “performance” model that remained for the entire ’72 model year was the Mach 1.

The decor Group added the honeycomb grille found on the Mach 1 and the sports lamps. In addition, one got the color matching rubberized front bumper, some front hood moldings that were color keyed, as well as front fender color matching moldings. The wheels got a trim ring and center hub cap. The lower body received a paint treatment.

On all regular models the rear deck lid got a script Mustang emblem that attached to the left hand side, this replaced the previous “M U S T A N G” in block letters across the deck lid rear surface. The rocker panels as well as each wheel well got a chrome trim piece. It was very difficult to tell the difference between 1971, 1972 and 1972 Mustangs if you are not familiar with decals. But the easiest way to tell the difference is the front grille. There are several grille types one for the regular cars done for the MACH1 and BOSS cars.

Coinciding with similar Pinto and Maverick packages, was the Sprint package available on the Mustang SportsRoof and hardtops (fifty convertibles were also made). The Sprint combined the Exterior Decor Group with a special paint treatment. All Sprints were white with dual blue and red hood stripes, blue and red lower body treatment and a red rear taillight panel. A USA shield was located on the rear fenders while the white vinyl interior got white seats with blue Lambeth cloth. This was called the Sprint Package A. Sprint Package B was identical, but added the Competition Suspension with the chrome 15×7″ Magnum 500 wheels with F60x15 tires.

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