1965 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

1965 Options & Prices

1965 Mustang Options

1965 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

When the first Mustangs rolled off the assembly line they consisted of only coupes and convertibles.  These cars were offered in a standard interior or a deluxe interior and your choice of engines. The deluxe interior decor group became known as the Pony Interior (for more details, see paragraph below). The pony interior, had embossed ponies running across the back of the seats, and a 5 cluster instrument panel. In September of 1964, some 6 months after the first coupes were born, the first fastbacks rolled off the assembly line. The fastbacks were called 2+2’s because they had 2 seats in the front and a fold down seat in the  back. Fastbacks were also were available with the deluxe interior option.  However, fastbacks only received the running horses on the front seats.  The back seats did not get any treatment.

Factory Options

All regular production Mustang options are available with the hp engine except:

  •  A/C
  • 3 speed manual
  • Cruise-O -Matic
  • Limited slip differential
  • Power steering
  • Rayon tires

All regular production Mustang options are available with the GT package except:

  • Back up lamps
  • Rocker panel molding
  • Power brakes
  • accent group
  • and options available with the hp engine.

Dealer Added Accessories