1982 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

1982 Options & Prices

1982 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

New for 1982 was the 5.0L engine mated to a 4 speed overdrive transmission.  No longer called the 302, it is now refined and referred to in liters.  Available with a 2bbl carburetor for this year, the engine is still referred to as the H.O. (high Output).  If you purchased the 5.0L, you also got a 3.08 limited slip rear end, power steering, power brakes, and a handling package.

The GT Mustang was more of a package you bought since the 5.0L engine could be put in any car body.  What differentiated the GT was the grille and body paint.  And, actually the GT weighed more than the GL so if they raced, many times the GL would win. Interiors of the GTs could be made to be quite fancy.

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