1971 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

1971 Options & Prices

1971 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

Two good options were introduced in 1971, the power windows and a rear window defroster were offered. The deluxe interior on the Mach 1 was not standard this year. If you wanted class you bought it at a price of about $130. The deluxe hood was a Mach 1 option if you ordered the engine upgrade. With the hood came the NASCAR hood twist locks.

If you ordered the top of the line 429 ram air package, you got the functional hood scoops, all others got a simulated hood scoop. Again, if you wanted to pay for functionality there was a price and if you had a 351 engine, you could buy the Ram Air hood package.

A competition suspension was only available on the 351 and larger engines, all Mach 1’s got it. This package consisted of: heavy duty shock absorbers, Heavy duty springs as well as front and if the engine was a 351 4v or large also rear stabilizer bars and staggered shocks. The cars were also equipped with a variable ratio (15.7 to 1) power steering unit.

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