2010 Ford Mustang Pricing & Options

2010 Options & Prices

2010 Ford Mustang Options & Prices

For 2010, the Mustang has the optional Navigation system or Ford’s SYNC system. Ford Sync ™ is a voice activated communications and entertainment system that uses Bluetooth and can communicated with most current cell phones and other portable media digital devices. I find that it is a little difficult to remember all the features and the voice activated commands do not function well in the rain or when there is additional noise when windows are down. Unless you have the expensive sound system incorporating the display unit, song names and the artist’s names are truncated if they are too long. However, it does impress friends when traveling down the highway and I say “USB, Play artist Willie Nelson, and the Willie songs start to play.

There is an optional $1,995 glass roof. It is a fixed unit and can’t be opened but it has a shade you can pull over in case the sun gets too hot. Standard safety includes four airbags, as well as a tire pressure monitoring system and Advance Track with Electronic Stability Control.

There are plenty of very nice wheel options available as you can see by going to the wheel section of this year vehicle. Overall, the mustang is a very nice sporty looking vehicle. One more important feature is the bright LED sequential rear taillights. The backup security camera system option is new this year.  The automatic backup camera system displays the image of what is behind the vehicle in either the rear view mirror on on the GPS navigation screen if installed.

Factory Pricing

Standard & Optional Features



Includes all the Standard features found on the base V6 plus those standard features listed below. Additionally there are options for the Premium V6 not available on the standard V6.

4.6L V8 GT


Includes all the Standard  features found on the base GT PLUS those standard features listed below.  Additionally there are options for the Premium GT not available on the standard GT.