1999 Mustang Color Information

1999 Mustang Color Information

Exterior & Interior Colors, Numbers & Trim Codes

1999 Mustang Colors

While we already outlined all the colors for the 1999 Mustang in our in depth guide, we know that some people just need more detail. This page is for those people. Below we have all the color options for the 1999 Mustang, including exterior colors, interior colors and other color-related options.

1999 Mustang Exterior Colors & Codes

Below is a list of exterior colors, colors codes, samples, paint codes and PPG codes for the 1999 Mustang.

1999 Mustang Convertible Top Colors

1999 Mustang Interior Colors & Trim Codes

The following were the interior trim options, colors and trim codes.

1999 Mustang Interior Trim Codes & Options