Orange Mustang Colors

Every Orange Color Used on a Mustang

Orange Mustang Colors

We have taken all orange color shade options and combinations since 1964 and put them into the ultimate database. If you are looking for a paint code, year model or just want to investigate all the orange hues for an upcoming project, this is the page for you. 

Orange Mustang Colors

I was surprised that there were 35 orange color options used in Mustang production cars across 19 unique orange color names.  Special Orange is the most prolific option with Competition Orange and Grabber Orange in second place. Below we have created a data table with all the orange Mustang shades offered throughout history with all the color codes, Ford codes and the Ditzler PPG codes too. 

Best Shades of Mustang Orange

It is hard not to love the latest Twister Orange on the 2020 Mustang. It has the right combination of brightness and boldness combined with the aggressive stance of the 2020 model that just makes it so attractive to me, it is easily my favorite orange Mustang. Competition Orange is another one that does it for me, specifically when it came back in 2012 in the Boss 302, the perfect color for that special a car. Another top orange hue over the years is Grabber Orange, the most awesome being on the 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special was a promotional special model sold exclusively in the Kansas City area. The promotion was limited to 96 cars and all were Grabber Orange Mach 1 Mustangs with either the Super Cobra Jet Ram Air engine or the new 351ci Cleveland 4 valve V8 engine. 

Orange Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table. If you want to see all "1965" Mustang color options for example, just type "1965" into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors. If you want all "2020 orange" colors then you type that into search. The table is sorted by year but you can also sort and filter in any other way you want. Have fun.