Red Mustang Colors

Every Red Color Used on a Mustang

Red Mustang Colors

We have taken every exterior red color shade options and combinations since 1964 and put them into the ultimate database. If you are looking for a paint code, year model or just want to investigate all the red hues for an upcoming project, this is the page for you. 

Red Mustang Colors

Red is one of the more prolific Mustang color shades offered over the years with 140+ red options since 1964. Recently, Ruby Red and Race Red have been the red shades of choice, being offered since 2010. Before that it was Torch Red and Redfire  that were the main Mustang red colors. 

Best Shades of Mustang Red

The Torch Red of the 2002-2010 model years has to be a favorite for me. It is aggressive and bright and any Mustang in that color stands out for miles (which is the point right?). Another of the best red Mustangs has to be the Red Candy that was offered for a short time in 2010 through 2013. It had a candy apple look to it and real shine that made the Mustang look like a more expensive European sports car. Ultimately though, there is really one red that I declare the winner of best red Mustang color and that has to be Poppy Red, the original red color offer in 1964.5. Poppy Red is one of the most noteable shades of red offered on the Mustang in its over half-century of existence. 

Red Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table. If you want to see all "1965" Mustang color options for example, just type "1965" into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors. If you want all "1965 red" colors then you type that into search. The table is sorted by year but you can also sort and filter in any other way you want. Have fun.