Yellow Mustang Colors

Every Yellow Color Used on a Mustang

Yellow Mustang Colors

We have taken all the exterior yellow color shade options and combinations since 1964 and put them into the ultimate database. If you are looking for a paint code, year model or just want to investigate all the yellow hues for an upcoming project, this is the page for you. 

Yellow Mustang Colors

In all there have been over 80 "yellow" Mustang color options throughout the history of the Mustang with 42 "yellow" unique colors offered during that time. Note, we captured gold and orange colors in their own pages, so this is truly yellow and tan colors only. Below we have created a data table with all the yellow Mustang shades offered throughout history with all the color codes, Ford codes and the Ditzler PPG codes too. Sunlight Yellow and Phoenician Yellow were offered in the first year of production with the most recent yellow being Triple Yellow from 2018 MY. 

Best Shades of Mustang Yellow

First place for best shade of Mustang yellow has to go to Screaming Yellow because it does what it says in the name, it screams at you "here i am, see me everybody". It was most famously used as an option in the 2004 Cobra and the Mach 1 cars and was no longer offered after 2007. Triple Yellow also gets a mention here as the most recent yellow Mustang shade because it balanced brightness with subtlety at the same time when it was available in 2015. A lot of people think it resembles the School Bus Yellow used in the Boss 302 (another one of our favorites) but we don't see that at all. Another yellow shade that most people don't think about is the Sunlight Yellow option offered in the first year of production. Phoenician Yellow Mustangs were used in a number of promotional materials that were in conjunction with the pony car’s 1964 debut, and unlike Sunlight Yellow, the former carried over to the 1965 model year and is our pick of the two. The final entrant in our list of the best Mustang yellow shades is the Medium Yellow Gold, the color made famous by the original Gone in Sixty Seconds. You could choose the Medium Yellow Gold in Mustangs between 1971 and 1974.

Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table. If you want to see all "1965" Mustang color options for example, just type "1965" into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors. If you want all "1965 yellow" colors then you type that into search. The table is sorted by year but you can also sort and filter in any other way you want. Have fun.