Green Mustang Colors

Every Green Color Used on a Mustang

Green Mustang Colors

We have taken every green color shade options and combinations since 1964 and put them into the ultimate database. If you are looking for a paint code, year model or just want to investigate all the green hues for an upcoming project, this is the page for you. 

Green Mustang Colors

The first Green Mustang was introduced the first year of Mustang production in 1964. Three shades of green were introduced in 1964: two shades of blue-green Pagoda Green and Dynasty Green; and a true green Cascade Green. While 1964 was the first green Mustang, it wasn't the last, with over 100 green color options on Mustangs since. The most recent green Mustang is the sexy Dark Highland Green which is available in the 2019 and 2020 Bullitt variant. 

Best Shades of Mustang Green

Grabber Green is one of my favorite green colors and was popular in 1969 with the Shelby Mustang and then becoming available on the regular Mustang lineup in 1970 and 1971. In 1971, a new Grabber Lime was added, but none of the Grabber Green colors were used on Mustangs after 1971. Highland Green is another favorite green color options for a Mustang and it was an exclusive color for the Bullitt optioned 2001 Mustang which was based on the 1968 fastback. The original 1968 modified Mustang used in the movie was also Highland Green. Our final top entrant for best green Mustang is the recent Gotta Have it Green available on the 2013 and 2014 Mustang as an extra cost option.

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table. If you want to see all "1965" Mustang color options for example, just type "1965" into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors. If you want all "1965 blue" colors then you type that into search. The table is sorted by year but you can also sort and filter in any other way you want. Have fun.