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1969 Mustang Specifications
1969 Coupe 2 3 4 5 6 1969 Fastback 1969 Convertible 2 3 4 5 6
1969 Shelby GT350 2 3 1969 Shelby GT500 2 3 4 5 1969 Mach 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Check out the '69 Boss 302 Check out the '69 Boss 429
1969 brought another major restyling to the Mustang. The Fastback 2+2 was gone - replaced by the new SportsRoof model. The new Mustangs were almost 4 inches longer than their 67/68 predecessors, yet they retained the 108" wheelbase of the original 64's. The base engine continued to be the 200 cubic inch six cylinder. New for the economy minded Mustang owner was an optional 250 cubic inch six. The base V-8 continued to be the 302-2V. The 351-2V and 4V entered the lineup for 1969. The 302-4V and the 390-2V were dropped, but the 390-4V remained.

There were two special engines offered for 69, the Boss 302 and the Boss 429. Both engines were only available in two limited production units, so called, the Boss 302 and the Boss 429. New features for 69 included quad headlights, front parking lights were now located behind the front valance panel, new quarter panel ornaments, side scoops and integral rear spoiler on the SportsRoof models, front seat back locks, and for the first time, the VIN number, in addition to being located on the driver's door, was also attached to the instrument panel, and visible through the windshield.

There were several new models offered during 1969. A little know model was the Mustang 'E'. It was basically a standard economy minded SportsRoof model with a six cylinder engine, a higher (lower numerically) ratio rear end with a large torque converter, and an automatic transmission. Air conditioning was not available on the 'E' model. A "Mustang E" insignia replaced the standard quarter panel ornament. Another new model was the Grande, which included the Interior Decor Group, an electric clock, special houndstooth check upholstery, and extra sound deadner. Another new model was the Mach 1 which was only available with one of the five larger V-8 engines. It featured special interior trim, special carpet, and high back bucket seats. On the exterior, the Mach 1 featured a low-gloss black hood, non-functional hood scoop (except models equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet engine which had a "new for 69" shaker scoop), hood pins, dual racing mirrors,special side stripe, pop-open gas cap, and dual exhaust ending in chrome, quad outlets. The Mach 1 also included the "Handling Suspension" and an additional 55 pounds of sound deadner and insulation materials. Another new model for '69 was the Boss 302. Built mainly to qualify the Mustang for the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Trans-Am series. The Boss 302 included a special 290 horsepower, 302 engine, 4 speed transmission, 16:1 ratio steering box, and a 3.50:1, staggered shock rear end. The exterior featured a low-gloss, black hood and deck lid, Boss 302 "C" stripes, front spoiler, flared fenders and Magnum 500 wheels with F60x15 tires.

All of the optional Mustang interiors were available on the Boss 302, however, most of them were equipped with the black, standard Mustang interior. The biggest and baddest of the Boss's, the Boss 429, was also introduced in 1969. Primarily built to satisfy NASCAR requirements, the Boss 429 Mustang featured a Semi-Hemi 429 powerplant. To compensate for the massive engine, the front shock towers were moved out one inch, and the front A-Arms were lowered one inch. The Boss 429 featured a huge hood scoop (the largest ever offered on the Mustang), front spoiler, flared fenders, dual racing mirrors, and F60x15 tires, mounted on chrome, Magnum 500 wheels. The interior featured the Mustang interior decor group, comfortweave bucket seats, and console. The Boss 429 also featured a competition suspension, rear stabalizer bar, power front disc brakes, power steering, engine oil cooler, trunk mounted battery, and a 3.91:1, traction lock rear end. There were a total of 299,824 Mustang's built in 1969.
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Production Numbers:
63A 2dr Fastback, standard: 56,022
63B 2dr Fastback, deluxe: 5,958
63C 2dr Fastback, Mach 1: 72,458
65A 2dr Hardtop: 118,613
65B 2dr Hardtop, Deluxe: 5,320
65C 2dr Hardtop, bench seats: 4,131
65D 2dr Hardtop Deluxe, bench seats: 504
65E 2dr Hardtop Grande: 22,182
76A Convertible: 11,307
76B Convertible Deluxe: 3,439


Specials (included in above figures):
ss 302: 1,628
Boss 429: 859
(includes two Boss Cougars)

Available Engines:
200cid 6cyl 1V 115hp
250cid 1V 6cyl 155hp
302cid 2V V-8 220hp
302cid 4V V-8 (Boss) 290hp
351cid 2V V-8 250hp
351cid 4V V-8 290hp
390cid 4V V-8 320hp 
428cid 4V V-8 335hp (Cobra Jet)
428cid 4V V-8 335hp (CJ-R)
429cid 4V V-8 (Boss) 375hp

Available Exterior Colors
Raven BlackA
Royal MaroonB
Black JadeC
Acapulco BlueD
Aztec AquaE
Gulfstream AquaF
Lime GoldI
Wimbeldon WhiteM
Winter BlueP
Champagne GoldS
Candyapple RedT
Meadowlark YellowW
Indian Fire RedY
New Lime2
Calypso Coral3
Silver Jade4
Pastel Grey6

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Engine Codes
200cid 6cyl 1V 115hpT
250cid 1V 6cyl 155hpL
302cid 2V V-8 220hpF
302cid 4V V-8 (Boss) 290hpG
351cid 2V V-8 250hpH
351cid 4V V-8 290hpM
390cid 4V V-8 320hpS
428cid 4V V-8 335hp (Cobra Jet)Q
428cid 4V V-8 335hp (CJ-R)R
429cid 4V V-8 (Boss) 375hpZ
9 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
01 - Body code for 2dr Hardtop (02-Fastback, 03-Convertible)
Z - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Example: 9F01Z100001

Stamped on plate riveted on passenger's side of the instrument panel and is visible through the windshield; it is also stamped on the left inner fender; the warranty plate is riveted on the rear face of the driver's door.
1969 Mustang PricesRetail
2dr Hardtop, 65A$2,618.00
Convertible, 76A2,832.00
SportsRoof, 63A2,618.00
Mach 1, 63C3,122.00
Grande, 65E2,849.00
250cid 155hp 6cyl (NA Mach 1)25.91
302 cid 220hp V-8 (NA Mach 1)105.00
Extra charge over 302cid V-8 for:
    351cid 250hp V-8 (std. Mach 1)58.34
    351cid 290hp V-8 (except Mach 1)84.25
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp25.91
390 cid 320hp V-8 (except Mach 1)158.08
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp99.74
428cid 335hp V-8 (except Mach 1)287.53
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp224.12
428cid 335hp Ram Air Cobra Jet (CJ-R) V-8 (except Mach 1)420.96
Mach 1 over 351cid 250hp357.46
Boss 302cid 4V 8cyl engine676.15
429cid 4V Cobra Jet HO (Boss 429)1208.35
SelectShift transmission, 6cyl191.13
    302 & 351cid V-8s200.85
    390 & 428cid V-8s222.08
4-speed manual transmission, 302 & 351cid V-8s204.64
4-speed manual transmission, 390 & 428cid V-8s253.92
Power front disc brakes (NA 200cid 6cyl)64.77
Power steering94.95
Power convertible top52.95
Convertible glass rear window38.86
GT Equipment Group (NA Grande, 6cyl or 302 V-8)146.71
Tachometer (V-8 only)54.45
Limited slip differential, 250 & 302 V-841.60
Traction-Lok differential (NA 6cyl & 302 V-8)63.51
Optional axle ratio6.53
Intermittent windshield wipers16.85
High-back bucket seats (NA Grande)84.25
Color-keyed racing mirrors19.48
Handling suspension (NA Grande or W200, 250 & 428)30.64
Competition Suspension (428 only, std. Mach 1)30.64
Power ventilation (NA w/SelectAire)40.02
Electric clock (std. Mach 1, Grande)15.59
Tinted windshield & windows32.44
Speed control (V-8 and SelectShift)73.83
Remote control outside mirror, lefthand12.95
SelectAire air conditioner (NA 200cid & 428cid with 4-speed manual)379.57
Push-button AM radio61.40
AM/FM stereo radio181.36
Stereosonic tape (AM radio required)133.84
Rear seat speaker (hardtop & Grande)12.95
Rear seat deck (SportsRoof & Mach 1)97.21
Full-width front seat (hardtop, NA console)32.44
Tilt-away steering wheel66.14
Interior Decor Group (NA Mach 1, Grande)101.10
    with color-keyed mirror option88.15
Deluxe Interior Decor Group (SportsRoff & conv.)133.44
    with color-keyed mirror option120.48
Deluxe seatbelts with warning light15.59
Vinyl-covered roof (Grande and hardtop)84.25
Wheel covers (NA Mach 1, GT, Grande, std. Exterior Decor Group)21.38
Wire wheel covers (std. Grande, NA Mach 1, GT Group)79.51
Wire wheel covers (Exterior Decor Group)58.27
Exterior Decor Group (NA Mach 1, Grande)32.44
Chrome styled steel wheels (std. Mach 1, NA Grande & 200cid 6cyl)116.59
    with GT Group77.73
    with Exterior Decor Group95.31
Adjustable head restraints (NA Mach 1)17.00
Visibility Group11.16
Functional adjustable rear spoiler (Boss 302)19.48
Sport Slats (Boss 302)128.28
Trunk-mounted 85amp battery (Boss 429)32.44
Functional front air spoiler (Boss 429)13.05
Shaker hood scoop (351 & 390 engines)84.25
Rim Blow deluxe steering wheel35.70

Interior TrimCode
Black vinyl2A(6A)
Blue vinyl2B(6B)
Dark red vinyl2D(6D)
Saddle vinyl2F(6F)
Ivy Gold vinyl2G(6G)
Aqua vinyl2K(6K)
Parchment vinyl2U(6U)
Nugget Gold vinyl2Y(6Y)
Black comfortweave, bench8A(9A)
Blue comfortweave, bench8B(9B)
Dark red comfortweave, bench8D(9D)
Parchment comfortweave, bench8U(9U)
Black comfortweave7A(5A)
Blue comfortweave7B(5B)
Dark red comfortweave7D(5D)
Parchment comfortweave8U(5U)
* Decor group is in parentheses

1969 Mach 1 Mustang

0-60 mph: 5.7 sec
0-100 mph: 13.7 sec
Quarter Mile: 13.9 sec @ 103 mph