1969 Ford Mustang 4.1 Liter Special – Ultimate Guide

Indianapolis Area Promotional Car

4.1 Liter Special

1969 Ford Mustang 4.1 Liter Special

Very little is known about the 4.1 Litre Special promotion. We do know that it was an Indianapolis area promotion during 1969 model year (during the same timeframe as the Limited Edition 600 promotion). This promotion was very similar to the Limited Edition 600 promotion in many ways, but the Limited Edition 600 promotion included a broader engine selection (200-1V, 250-1V, 302-2V and 1 special 351-2V) and other low cost options (such as trunk light, parking light, etc) that appeared randomly on the 508 cars that were produced.

We estimate that 150 units of the 4.1 Liter Special were made. The cars came with the automatic L-code 4.1 liter (250ci) 6-cylinder engine; special order exterior colors (Green, Orange or Yellow) as well as a white and gold pinstripe and a 4.1 Litre Special checkered flag fender badge. There were coupes and fastbacks.


It is known that each of the 150 cars was equipped with the following:

  • 250-1V I-6 Engine
  • C4 Transmission
  • 2.79 Rear End gears
  • Sports Appearance Group (aka Non-functional Hood Scoop)
  • Dual Sports Mirrors (black on the orange cars, white on the green cars, yellow is unknown).
  • Tape Stripe (white-gold-white)
  • E78x14 white wall tires
  • Standard hubcaps
  • AM radio


The cars were produced for the Indiana district under 6 different DSO#s (460569 – 460574). DSO#s (460569, 46070 & 460571) were coupes and DSO#s (460572, 46073 & 460574) were fastbacks. The cars were produced in 3 different colors, Green (WT7034), Orange (WT5108) and Yellow (WT# unknown). 25 cars were produced under each DSO# with each car under each DSO# being painted the same color. Therefore my car is 1 of 25 fastbacks to be produced in this color.

It should be noted that Green (WT7034) was also used on the Rainbow of Colors promotion, but Orange (WT5108) was not. Until one of the yellow cars surfaces, it will not be known if it used a Rainbow of Colors promotion color or not.