1969 Ford Mustang Limited Edition 600 – Ultimate Guide

Promotional Special Developed By The Philadelphia Sales District

1969 Ford Mustang Limited Edition 600

1969 Ford Mustang Limited Edition 600

In May of 1969, the Philadelphia sales district developed the Limited Edition 600 for promotional reasons. These custom colored Mustangs were available in either “Flower Power Red” or “Groovy Green“. The 600 was only available as a hardtop or sportsroof, and also consisted of a hood scoop, remote, chrome mirror, AM radio, full wheel covers, whitewalls, tape stripes and unique fender emblems. Only some of the hardtops were produced with vinyl roofs. The sales goal was set at 600, but only 503 Limited Edition 600 Mustangs were produced, at least one being a Mach 1.

All of these cars were built on either April 21st or 22nd, and were then delivered to Morgan Ford, now Medford Ford, in Medford, New Jersey where there fender emblems would be placed on.

The Philadelphia sales district promoted the 600 through special newspaper ads, calling attention to the car’s available custom colors and limited production. It is thought that 15-20% were ordered in Groovy Green, and it is known that 87 Flower Power Red 600’s were ordered in off standard equipment order 2784. All can be identified with their color code and DSO of 16 and the 2783 through 2788 number on their door data plate. Most were powered by a six-cylinder engine, the largest available engine was the 351-2V.