1969 Ford Mustang GT – Ultimate Guide

The Last Year for the Mustang GT

1969 Ford Mustang GT

1969 Ford Mustang GT

The GT option was last offered in 1969 (until it reappeared in the mid 1980s). Variant proliferation by Ford did not help the GT sales in 1969 with only 5,396 GT models sold that year. The combined sales success of the Mach 1, Grande  and Boss Mustangs all did their part to seal the fate of the GT.

Many of the GT options were similar to the previous years. The 1969 got a nice visual upgrade with its nonfunctional air scoop, GT gas cap, hood lock latches, slotted steel wheels with wide oval tires and simple side stripes.

Mechanically, the  GT Mustang was a nice package, featuring the 351-cid Windsor engine, a special handling package, a quicker steering ratio, stiffer suspension and dual exhaust. You could also upgrade to from the 351 2 bbl engine to the awesome 428 Cobra Jet.

The GT option was available as a convertible, hardtop or SportsRoof model.