1969 Ford Mustang VIN Information

1969 VIN & Data Plate Information

Vin Decoder Mustang 1969

1969 Ford Mustang VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder

Vin Decoder Mustang 1969

VIN Location

For 1969, the VIN number was moved again to the top edge of the dash on the driver’s side visible through the windshield. It remains in this location to current day Mustangs.

Data Plate Decoder Sheet

Assembly Plant

Code Plant
F Dearborn, MI
R San Jose, CA
T Metuchen, NJ

Body Style

Code Body Style
01 Hardtop
02 Sports Roof/Fastback
03 Convertible
04 Grande
05 Mach 1


Code Engine
F 302-2v
G 302-4v Boss
H 351-2v
L 250-1v
M 351-4v
Q 428-4v
R 428-4v Ram Air
S 390-4v
Z 429-4v Boss

Body Code

Body Body Style Interior Seats Special
63A Fastback Standard Interior Bucket Seats
63B Fastback Luxury Interior Bucket Seats
63C Fastback Standard Interior Bucket Seats Mach 1
65A Hardtop Standard Interior Bucket Seats
65B Hardtop Luxury Interior Bucket Seats
65C Hardtop Standard Interior Bench Seats
65D Hardtop Luxury Interior Bench Seats
65E Hardtop Standard Interior Bucket Seats Grande
76A Convertible Standard Interior Bucket Seats
76B Convertible Luxury Interior Bucket Seats

Paint Colors

Code Alternate Color
A 9A Raven Black
B 2B Royal Maroon
C 6C Black Jade
D 3D Pastel Grey
E 4E Aztec Aqua
F 3F Gulfstream Aqua
I Lime Gold
M 5M Wimbledon White
P 4P Winter Blue
S Champagne Gold
T 5T Candy Apple Red
W Meadowlark Yellow
Y Indian Fire
2 2J Lime
3 3B Calypso Coral
4 4F Silver Jade
6 6E Acapulco Blue
A5 Raven Black with Matte Black Hood
B5 Royal Maroon with Matte Black Hood
C5 Black Jade with Matte Black Hood
D5 Pastel Grey with Matte Black Hood
E5 Aztec Aqua with Matte Black Hood
F5 Gulfstream Aqua with Matte Black Hood
I5 Lime Gold with Matte Black Hood
M5 Wimbledon White with Matte Black Hood
P5 Winter Blue with Matte Black Hood
S5 Champagne Gold with Matte Black Hood
T5 Candy Apple Red with Matte Black Hood
W5 Meadowlark Yellow with Matte Black Hood
Y5 Indian Fire with Matte Black Hood
25 Lime with Matte Black Hood
35 Calypso Coral with Matte Black Hood
45 Silver Jade with Matte Black Hood
65 Acapulco Blue with Matte Black Hood

Interior Trim

Code Interior
2A Black Vinyl
2B Blue Vinyl
2D Red Vinyl
2G Ivy Gold Vinyl
2Y Nugget Gold Vinyl
4A Black Comfort Weave Hi-Backs
DA Black Comfort Weave Hi-Backs (Decor Group)
4D Red Comfort Weave Hi-Backs
DD Red Comfort Weave Hi-Backs (Decor Group)
DW White Comfort Weave Hi-Backs (Decor Group)
5A Black Comfort Weave Luxury
5B Blue Comfort Weave Luxury
5D Red Comfort Weave Luxury
5G Ivy Gold Comfort Weave Luxury
5W White Comfort Weave Luxury
5Y Nugget Gold Comfort Weave Luxury
8A Black Comfort Weave Bench
9A Black Comfort Weave Bench (Decor Group)
8B Blue Comfort Weave Bench
9B Blue Comfort Weave Bench (Decor Group)
8D Red Comfort Weave Bench
9D Red Comfort Weave Bench (Decor Group)
8Y Nugget Gold Comfort Weave Bench
9Y Nugget Gold Comfort Weave Bench (Decor Group)
7A Black Vinyl
7B Blue Convertible Deluxe
7D Red Convertible Deluxe
7G Ivy Gold Convertible Deluxe
7W White Convertible Deluxe
7Y Nugget Gold Convertible Deluxe
1A Black Luxury Cloth & Vinyl
1B Blue Luxury Cloth & Vinyl
1G Ivy Gold Luxury Cloth & Vinyl
1Y Nugget Gold Luxury Cloth & Vinyl
3A Black Mach 1 Knitted Vinyl
3D Red Mach 1 Knitted Vinyl
3W White Mach 1 Knitted Vinyl

Build Date

Date Code Production Data
G July 1968
H August 1968
J September 1968
K October 1968
L November 1968
M December 1968
A January 1969
B February 1969
C March 1969
D April 1969
E May 1969
F June 1969

DSO (District Sales Office)

Code District
11 Boston
37 Buffalo
13 New York
38 Pittsburgh
15 Newark
21 Atlanta
22 Charlotte
16 Philadelphia
24 Jacksonville
25 Richmond
17 Washington
47 Cincinnati
32 Cleveland
33 Detroit
46 Indianapolis
35 Lansing
36 Louisville
28 Louisville
41 Chicago
42 Fargo
43 Rockford
44 Twin Cities
56 Davenport
51 Denver
52 Des Moines
53 Kansas City
54 Omaha
55 St. Louis
61 Dallas
62 Houston
63 Memphis
64 New Orleans
65 Oklahoma City
71 Los Angeles
72 San Jose
73 Salt Lake City
74 Seattle
43 Milwaukee
75 Phoenix
87 Body Company
81 Ford of Canada
83 Government
84 Home Office Reserve
85 American Red Cross
89 Transportation Services
90 Export
91 Export
92 Export
93 Export
94 Export
95 Export
96 Export
97 Export
98 Export
99 Export


Code Axle
1 2.50
2 2.75
3 2.79
4 2.80
5 2.83
6 3.00
7 3.20
8 3.25
9 3.25
A 3.50
B 3.07
C 3.08
D 3.91
E 4.30
J 2.50L
K 2.75L
L 2.79L
M 2.80L
N 2.83L
O 3.00L
0 3.00L
P 3.10L
Q 3.20L
R 3.25L
S 3.50L
T 3.07L
U 3.08L
V 3.91L
W 4.30L


Code Transmission
1 3-Speed Manual
5 4-Speed Manual
6 4-Speed Manual (Close Ratio)
U C-6 Automatic
W C-4 Automatic
X FMX Automatic