1969 Ford Mustang “The Going Thing” – Ultimate Guide

The Going Thing Was A Cosmetic Only Package

The Going Thing

1969 Ford Mustang “The Going Thing”

Ford was heavy into racing in the late 60s. There were the NASCAR Talladega and Spoiler II cars as well as the GT40 Legends and of course the Shelby Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. One of the Ford advertising themes was “The Going Thing”. The Cleveland sales district created a regional special promotion edition 1969 Mustang (and Torinos) called The Going Thing. 109 Mustangs had special stripes installed with “The Going Thing” written on the rocker.

It is estimated that 109 units were made. There were four batches of Mustangs ordered for The Going Thing promotion. The first batch was all six-cylinders. A week later they ordered two batches that were a mix of 351-4Vs and 428CJs. The last batch was a mix of other engines. The packages were installed on stock Mustangs with all sorts of engine sizes. The stripes were similar to those on factory Ford drag cars.

The promotion was kicked off at the Thompson Drag Raceway in Thompson, Ohio. It was a “drive and buy” event for its Cleveland sales district, featuring The Going Thing special-edition vehicles. The idea was for Ford to rev up interest in its performance cars.