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1976 Mustang Specifications
1976 Coupe 2 3 1976 Hatchback 2 1976 Cobra II 2 3
Changes for 1976 were mainly visual. There was one transmission change in mid-year, however, the V-8, increased to 139 hp, was made available with the 4-speed. New black w/white trim bumper inserts were standard on all II's, replacing the chrome ones. Ford offered two cosmetic option packages, which was popular in the '70's. 

The first was the Stallion Group, available only for '76 on either the coupe or hatchback, and also available on Pintos and Mavericks. It featured black moldings around windows and wiper arms, a black grille with pony emblem removed, black along the lower body (and the top of the hood and roof if desired), styled steel wheels, chrome bodyside molding, and stallion horse-head fender decals. It was available in such colors as Red/Black, Yellow/Black, and White/Black, but the most popular was the Silver/Black. The other "appearance" package was the Cobra II, simulating the early Shelbys. The package was installed by Motortown Corporation, and consisted of wide-length stripes running on top of the car, stripes along the lower body, with "COBRA II" in the center section, front and rear spoilers, rear quarter window louvers with chrome snake emblem, simulated hood scoop, snake decals on each fender, a chrome snake emblem in the blacked-out grille, brushed aluminum instrument and door panels, and styled steel wheels. 

The Cobra II package was only available on hatchbacks, and came in White w/Blue stripes, Blue w/White stripes, or Black w/Gold stripes, and was limited to Blue, White/Blue, or Black interiors.

Production Numbers:
2dr Hardtop: 78,508
69F 3dr Hatchback: 62,312
60H 2dr Hardtop Ghia:
69R 3dr Hatchback Mach 1: 9,232

Available Engines:
140cid 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hp
171cid 2.8L 2V V-6 105hp
302cid 5.0L 2V V-8 140hp

Available Exterior Colors
Silver Metallic1G
Bright Red2B
Dark Red2M
Bright Blue Metallic3E
Silver Blue Glow3M
Medium Ivy Bronze Metallic4T
Dark Yellow Green Metallic4V
Light Green47
Medium Chestnut Metallic5M
Dark Brown Metallic5Q
Tan Glow5U
Bright Yellow6E
Available Tu-tone Exterior Color Combinations
Body color/accent colorCode
Cream/Medium Gold Metallic6P/6V
White/Bright Red9D/2R
White/Bright Blue Metallic9D/3E
Wheel Base: 96.2"
Height: 50.3"
Width: 70.2"
Length: 175"

Coupe: 2,620 lbs.
Fastback: 2,699 lbs.
Ghia: 2,866 lbs.
Mach 1: 2,7
93 lbs.
Track, frt/rear: 55.6/55.8 inches

Retail Prices:
4cyl 2.3 liter Models
2dr Hardtop, 60F: $3,525.00
3dr 2+2, 69F: $3,781.00
2dr, Ghia, 60H: $3,859.00

6cyl 2.8 liter Models
2dr Hardtop, 60F: $3,791.00

3dr 2+2, 69F: $4,047.00
2dr Ghia, 60H: $4,125.00
3dr Mach 1, 69R: $4,209.00

8cyl 302cid Models
2dr Hardtop, 60F: $3,737.00
3dr 2+2, 69F: $3,992.00
2dr Ghia, 60H: $4,071.00
3dr Mach 1, 69R: $4,154.00

Interior TrimCode
White/Black W
Aqua K

Vehicle Identification Numbers

Engine Codes
140cid 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hpY
171cid 2.8L 2V V-6 105hpZ
302cid 5.0L 2V V-8 140hpF
6 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn
, R-San Jose)
2 - Body code (02-2dr hardtop, 03-3dr hatchback, 04-2dr hardtop Ghia, 05-3dr hatchback Mach 1)
Y - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number

Stamped on the plate which is riveted to the driver's side of the dash; the certification label is attached to the rear face of the driver's door.