1976 Ford Mustang Stallion – Ultimate Guide

The Less Famous Appearance-Only Package for the Mustang II

1976 mustang Stallion

1976 Ford Mustang Stallion

The 1976 Stallion Option Group was appearance-only package for the Mustang. You got you stuff like a black grille, black rocker panels, and these snazzy fender decals. Known as the Stallion Group, it was available only for 1976 on either the coupe or hatchback, and also available on Pintos and Mavericks.

If the 1976 Cobra II package was designed to be more aggressive, the Stallion was definitely subtler (and less well known. It included black greenhouse moldings and wiper arms; black grille (with horse emblem deleted); black-painted lower fenders, lower doors, lower quarter-panels, lower front and rear bumpers, and rocker panels; Styled Steel wheels; bright lower side moldings; and Stallion decals. The Stallion package was normally shown in black and silver in period advertising, but it could also come in Silver Metallic, Bright Red Vermillion, Bright Yellow, Polar White, and Silver Blue Glow .

The black moldings were around windows and wiper arms and the cool black grille with pony emblem removed look sinister. The black color along the lower body (and the top of the hood and roof if desired) really made the car unique, it popped.

It was common to combine the Stallion options package with the base level MPG 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine.