1988 Foxbody Mustang Puts Down 386 Horsepower On The Dyno

The Foxbody Mustang stands out as one of the most popular generations for its affordability and ease of modification. It emerged as a significant improvement over the Mustang II, a less favorable version of the ‘Stang. The Foxbody, often credited with saving the Mustang, combines impressive performance capabilities, straightforward modifications, an accessible price point, and excellent drivability, making it a standout muscle car.

In a video shared by the Late Model Restoration YouTube channel, a modified 1988 Foxbody Mustang, apptly named Dragula due to its black paint and coffin-like cabin, takes to the dyno and puts down some impressive numbers. Powering this Mustang is a modified 351-based V8 engine, now boasting a displacement of 393 cubic inches (6.44 liters). Equipped with new cylinder heads, camshafts, and a 90-millimeter throttle body, the powertrain is managed by a Pro-M engine management system. The five-speed manual gearbox, connected to an aluminum driveshaft with 3.55 gearing at the rear, ensures a dynamic driving experience, complemented by an exhaust system that emits a muscular note.

On the dyno, the Mustang achieves impressive figures, recording 386.1 horsepower and 410.6 pound-feet at the wheels. These numbers are quite impressive, especially if you compare to newer Mustangs of today.