Ford never introduced a widebody Mustang, but that didn’t stopped its most loyal fans from building the car of their dreams. The widebody Mustang phenomenon is quite new and it was inspired from the highly modified cars in the International Motor Sport Association (IMSA).

A widebody Mustang modifies your car by moving it as low to the ground as possible, and giving it a wider stance.  The goal of the widebody Mustang was to mimic the look of the wide fender flares, spoilers, and other components of race cars that make them have peak performance and fast speeds.

Opting for a widebody kit allows you to make your Mustang look meaner on the roads like this particular 2015 Ecoboost Mustang. This Mustang looks really good to the point that you can call it as a piece of art. It’s really great to see Mustang owners building cars that they envisioned.