Ford’s legacy with the Boss 302 Mustang extended into 2014 with the release of the limited-edition Boss 302S, a track-focused powerhouse. While the 2012 and 2013 Boss 302 Mustangs are well-known among auto enthusiasts, the 2014 Boss 302S remains a lesser-known gem.

Created for racing aficionados, only 50 of these factory-built race cars were produced by Ford Racing. Each 2014 Boss 302S began as a body-in-white before undergoing transformation at Watson Racing into a track-only beast.

Under the hood, the Boss 302S boasted a race-tuned 5.0-liter Boss 302 engine paired with a T-6060 6-speed transmission and a Torsen TR2 differential. Suspension enhancements included 3-way adjustable dampers and Ford Racing sway bars, among others.

Externally, the car featured carbon-fiber components, an adjustable rear wing, and 19-inch wheels for competition readiness. Interior modifications included a roll cage, quick-release steering wheel, and safety harness.

Identified by a red “S” within its iconic Boss 302 stripes, the Boss 302S represented Ford’s commitment to delivering a factory-built, race-ready Mustang for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance on the track.

Photo Source: Bring A Trailer