Cruising into the 1970s after its second significant redesign, the Mustang arrived with a subtle yet enduring facelift. Just like with the original pony car, Ford offered a staggering array of options.

From distinct models across three body styles to customizable interiors, engines, transmissions, and more, the 1970 Mustang catered to a wide range of desires and budgets. This very customizability fueled the Mustang’s popularity, allowing owners to create a car that perfectly reflected their taste.

This particular 1970 Mustang comes with several exterior additions inspired by the iconic Mach 1. These include a rear spoiler, a front splitter, and a functional hood scoop, hinting at the power lurking beneath. Under the hood lies a potent 351ci (5.8-liter) Cleveland V8 churning out roughly 355 horsepower.

Source: Collecting Cars