Lava Red Metallic 2012 Mustang Photos

Lava Red Metallic 2012 Ford Mustang


The 2012 Mustang offers up two new colors with one of them being Lava Red Metallic (UZ) and the other being Competition Orange which is specific to the Boss Mustang.  Up until now not many Lava Red Metallic Mustangs have been seen so I have scoured the web looking for photos of the interior and the exterior to give you some insight into what this color looks like.  My take on the color is this, its a deep dark Maroon Metallic and at times can be mistaken for Black if viewed at certain angles or from far away.  Either way I give props to Ford on the color choice for the 2012 Mustang.  Below I have posted some random photos I came across plus some screencaps from Ford’s site.

  1. I just bought this car two days ago. I love the lava red. I was planning on getting a black, but saw this one. I wanted to go with black rims, but now I don’t think I can…suggestions on rims?

    1. I have this same 2012 Mustang with the 18″ chrome wheels, charcoal black and lava red leather interior and put the side rear window louvers painted to match from Stage 3 Mustang, 35% tint on windows, car is hot looking.

    1. I have a 2012 GT Premium convertible, 6speed, in Lava Red Metallic. Black &red leather, only 37,600 miles. Over $18,000 in upgrades. 587hp at the wheels. Marti report shows it’s 1of 43. Beautiful car, photos available. For those of you who can’t find one, this one is FOR SALE (only because I just bought a Shelby GT 500.

  2. I love this color !!! It’s like getting one car with different colors it’s an amazing car and when the sun shines the Lava “flows”

  3. I have this color Mustang and I love it! Everywhere I go, I get someone stopping to ask, what color it is. I like the reaction from everyone when they get up close and can see the deep metallic red color. This is already a fun car to drive, but it is more fun because of the color and the looks that I get when I’m driving down the road! A real head-turner!

  4. How many 2012 MCA convertables would have been made with this colour? I am looking at buying and just curious. How would I find out?

  5. Got my lava red convertible, which I had ordered sight unseen, in early July. Great car with the V6 and I love the color (especially the two-tone lava interior), though it really shows the dust and fingerprints. Looks nearly black in most light — most people think it is black upon first seeing it — but the metallic red really comes through in sunlight. Getting lots of thumbs-up from inside other Mustangs.

    1. Due to the Tsunami in Japan the Color was canceled, Never to return. You could not have ordered in July because Ford quit taking orders on the Lava Red in the end of march 2012. I know because I take the orders.

  6. Traded my 04 orange Mach 1 off on a Lava Red convertable. Love the color and the V8 has plenty of power, though I will be doing some upgrades.

  7. I have driven the lava red convertible thru a rental car and fell in love. I am looking and having trouble locating one. Any help please.

  8. Debbie,
    I was in the market for a Grabber Blue Mustang and came across the Lava Red and fell in love, so I searched for my lava red for months. They don’t make the color anymore, so you’re only going to find them used, one tip for when you’re looking, some dealers don’t even know they have a lava red mustang and will list it as black, so call them to double check!! I found my dream Mustang, the lava red convertible with lava red and charcoal leather interior, it just took a LOT of searching! Good luck!

  9. I have a 2012 lava red v6 convertible with lease ending and was thinking of buying it out then selling it but wandering how much they go for it has 32,00 mi
    any info would help

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