2015 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake: Ultimate Guide

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake post title package

2015 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake

Without a GT500 to build off of, many assumed that the Super Snake was toast for the start of the S550 generation. They were incorrect. The S550 Shelby Super Snakes are based off a Mustang GT which is then equipped with a Whipple style supercharger. It also includes a carbon-fiber Super Snake hood with a forced-air hood scoop. There’s more carbon fiber on the front and rear diffusers as well as the rear spoiler.

The sixth-generation Mustang brought a fresh look for the iconic coupe, with a narrow “shark-bite” front fascia, slimmed-down headlights, and a return to the fastback profile, all of which combine to create an aesthetic that’s both modern and reminiscent of the car’s heritage.

Shelby went about modifying this with a slew of details that give the Mustang substantial visual muscle and aggression, as well as shedding a few pounds in the process.

Shelby went about modifying this with a slew of details that give the Mustang substantial visual muscle and aggression, as well as shedding a few pounds in the process.

In front is a carbon-fiber Super Snake hood, adorned with a forced-air scoop that rises above the central grille. The grille is also new, with a black anodized material used both in the upper and lower portions of the front intake.

Aerodynamically, Shelby added a carbon-fiber splitter up front, which is complemented in the rear by a larger carbon-fiber spoiler hanging off the trunk lid. Below the wing there’s more carbon fiber used in the new rear diffuser, taillight panel, and rocker panels with side-skirt aero blades just in front of the rear wheels. The composite is also in place for the mirror covers. Finally, there’s the requisite Super Snake racing stripes and external badging.

Shelby says the additions make for enhanced aerodynamics, but it’s uncertain how much downforce and drag are created. One thing, however, is certain – the new Super Snake looks downright deadly.

While outside observers get to enjoy the new car’s extensive upgrades, those in the cabin space also get a taste of Shelby’s improvements.

Included is special CSM badging, including Shelby-branded floor mats and sill plates.
Included is special CSM badging, including Shelby floor mats and sill plates. The headrest covers also get the Super Snake treatment

To supplement the drivetrain enhancements, Shelby added a dash-mounted gauge pod made from carbon fiber and stuffed with AutoMeter gauges to keep tabs on things like boost pressure and oil pressure. There’s also a Ford Performance short-throw shifter to keep cog swaps nice and neat.

For those moments at the show-and-shine when you can’t resist popping the hood, a bit of dress-up is provided in the form of Shelby engine caps.

Customers can choose from several optional extras, both functional and aesthetic, including an upholstery upgrade, racing seats, five-point racing harnesses, Shelby valve covers, and a carbon-fiber latch cover.

So, it looks good and the cabin is a nice place to sit. What about the performance?

Ford did well to up the ante when it came to on-track capability in the new Mustang, not only increasing output from the 5.0-liter V-8, but also offering a new independent rear suspension, making the traditionally straight-line-only muscle car quite potent on the road course as well as the drag strip. Shelby capitalized on this improvement in a big way.

If that’s not enough muscle, there’s the option for a more powerful supercharger kit that creates over 750 horsepower.
“The latest evolution of the Shelby Super Snake is based on developing the most road-and track-capable Mustang we’ve ever built, from the suspension to the bodywork and choice in high performance superchargers,” said Shelby American Vice President of Operations Akos J. Feher in a press release. “We saw this as a great opportunity to create the type of car that appeals to both the traditional Shelby Super Snake owner, as well as to the driver who demands world-class handling with stellar braking and higher horsepower capabilities. It is a refined car with a premium, quality feel. After extensive testing and development on the racetrack and street, we feel that this is our best supercharged performing and sounding muscle car to date.”

Let’s start with the engine. At 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, the V-8 is certainly no slouch in stock tune. Shelby adds to this with a Ford Performance supercharger kit that ups output to 627 horsepower. Making the loud noises is a Borla exhaust with Shelby tips. If that’s not enough muscle, there’s the option for a more powerful supercharger kit that creates over 750 horsepower. This is on pump gas, mind you, and is also, incredibly, emissions-legal in all 50 U.S. states.

Routing the power are 3.73 gears and new half shafts, both from Ford Performance. Making the smoke are Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires wrapped around staggered 20-inch WELD Racing Super Snake wheels. Also, for the first time, the Super Snake will be available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

Now for the handling. Shelby first throws on the Ford Performance suspension kit, which includes lower springs, a jounce bumper and hardware pack, new sway bars, and a rear toe link kit. Dropping the anchor are 6-piston brakes from Wilwood. Additional options include an adjustable rear control arm, a brake duct kit, and camber/caster plates, all of which should add up to extensive fine-tuning options come race day.

Under hood options include an upgraded intercooler and cooling kits for the differential and transmission.

Shelby will produce only 300 examples of the 2015 Super Snake, making it somewhat exclusive. All those parts listed above account for $50,000 of stuff, which is added to the base price of a Mustang GT ($32,300) for a grand total of $82,300 – rather steep for a pony car.