Vaughn Gittin Jr. Teaches Her Mother To Drift

As a treat for Mother’s Day, Vaughn Gittin Jr. decided to give his mom, Dawn, some lessons on how to drift a 2024 Mustang while showcasing the car’s impressive features Joined by Laurie Transou, the chief engineer of Ford Mustang, and her daughter, Claire, Vaughn demonstrated the Mustang’s Launch Control, Line Lock, and Performance Electronic Drift Brake.

While not everyone is destined to become a drifting champ like Vaughn Gittin Jr., the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang makes it easier than ever to learn the gift of drift, as Vaughn recently did, to thank his mother, Dawn, for her support through the years.

With just a few minutes of practice and coaching, Claire and Dawn were able to perform some smoky burnouts on the skid pad. You can watch the full video below!