Steeda Q767 Mach 1 Mustang Driven Hard Around Nürburgring

A Mustang designed to deliver exceptional grip and handling around racetracks

Steeda has taken the ultimate sports Mustang in Europe and elevated it to an entirely new level. With meticulous refinement and enhancements, the Steeda Q767 Mach 1 emerges as the epitome of a sports car iteration of the Mustang, excelling both on winding back roads and the racetrack. It has received full homologation for all European territories and is registered as an official Steeda Mustang.

While the Mach 1-based Q767 doesn’t boast 767 horsepower as its name suggests, that is not the primary focus of a Steeda Mustang. Instead, Steeda has placed its utmost emphasis on achieving unparalleled grip and handling performance, effectively positioning the Mustang as a bona fide sports car. The goal is to create a machine capable of challenging formidable competitors such as the BMW M4 Competition.

In a a new video, Misha Charoudin gets his hands on a Steeda Q767 Mach 1 Mustang and quickly put it to the test around Nürburgring.