Paint a two tone paint job on my 1972 Mustang Sprint

Applying the two tone paint job

Always apply the lightest color first. This 1972 Mustang Sprint got the first coat of paint which was Wimbledon White. A basecoat clear coat paint, the semi-flat basecoat must be wet-sanded before work begins to eliminate blemishes and allow good adhesion of subsequent topcoats. Next, the lower part of the car will be painted a Grabber blue color.  The paint line will break at the side body line.  Finally in another painting tip, we will apply the pinstripes and then the decals.

In this photo, we start marking the path that we plan to use as we paint the lower section of the Mustang with the blue paint. Several  ½ -inch strips of tape applied along the fender serve as guides. Next, they are linked with a continuous strip of ¾ -inch masking tape. Care must be taken to maintain a consistent distance to the body line.

More strips of 1 ½ inch black tape are applied to the quarter-panel then the rear of the car and on  around.

Now, Stacy and Roger tape off the hood to create the two wide blue stripes inside the hood indentation.

Cheap or poor quality masking tape cannot be used, it will not leave a crisp clean line and sharp edge. If you want a good job, use a good tape, Stacy and Roger use a Premium tape. Its construction resists tearing and easily conforms to curves without wrinkling and causing paint leaks.

Stacy next checks and double checks lines, to make sure they are straight and do not have folds and bubbles in them.

Once the proper positioning of the ¼ -inch vinyl tape is confirmed, remove the masking tape. Even though our basecoat of white paint is fully cured, Jamie guards against blemishes by pulling the tape on a horizontal plane. Vertical pulling can remove chunks of paint, especially if the pre-paint prep work is poor or you’re masking an older brittle paint job.

Here’s how it looks prior to application of the paper body mask. Everything above of the vinyl tape will be white, everything below the masked area will end up blue.

Now that it is masked, Roger applies several coats of Blue paint. After it dries, the vinyl masking tape is removed and the blue area is wet-sanded. Next a red 1/4 inch accent stripe will be applied.  That will happen in another tip.

After that, some final coats of clear coat will seal it leaving an durable, glass-smooth finish. After the clear coat, we will buff and polish the car to make it smooth and shiny! That too will happen in a different tip.