Mustang Of The Day: Modified 1988 Ford Mustang SSP 5.0

Originally a Special Service Package coupe utilized by the California Highway Patrol between 1988 and 1994, this 1988 Ford Mustang LX underwent significant changes after being purchased by Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire in 2014. Matt Farah had it fitted with wide-body fenders, a Saleen lower front air dam, and gave it a new black paint job.

The car’s solid rear axle was replaced with an independent rear suspension system, and it was equipped with Cobra disc brakes, Delrin suspension bushings, and Bilstein shocks and springs. Power is supplied by a 302ci Ford Racing V8 crate engine that is mated to a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission, and a Torsen T2 differential with a 3.55:1 final drive is also featured.

Source: Bring A Trailer