Mustang Of The Day: Liberty Walk Wide-Body Ford Mustang GT

In October 2017, at the J Nation tuning fest, a Ford Mustang was unveiled featuring a wide-body kit from Liberty Walk. The car boasts a striking glowing red wrap that sets it apart from other Mustangs. The kit features a stylish hood, fender flares, front splitter, rear spoiler, diffuser, and side skirts. The fender flares expose the rivets, which are a signature style of the firm.

The ultra-wide wheels are custom-fitted to match the wide body, and the Potenza tires offer excellent high-speed grip. The Mustang also boasts an adjustable air suspension from Airrex, ensuring a top-of-the-line riding experience. It’s worth noting that the entire Liberty Walk kit can be purchased for just $6,800.

Photo Source: Icy J Photography – Flickr