Mustang Of The Day: 2011 Ford Mustang GT–Based Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe

Zimmer is a company that specializes in neo-classic automobile manufacturing. Their flagship model, the Golden Spirit, was built using Ford Mustangs like the 2011 GT-based Spirit featured here. This Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe was based on a 2011 Ford Mustang. The process of transforming a Mustang into a Golden Spirit requires re-bodying the car and lengthening its wheelbase to meet the dimensions of the early 20th-century cars that inspired it.

Aside from the chrome accents, swooping lines, massive fenders, a new grille, polished bumpers, and Zimmer door sills, it’s still a 2011 Mustang and you can immediately identify it just by looking at the roof. Also, the car is still equipped with the same Coyote 5.0-liter V8 paired to six-speed automatic gearbox from the fifth-generation Mustang that it is based on.

Source: Bring A Trailer