The 1970 Ruffian Mustang draws inspiration from the iconic Boss Mustangs that participated in the Trans-American Sedan Championship race series during the late 60s and early 70s. The owner and builder of this car aimed to create a comfortable daily driver that could also perform well in autocross races that require exceptional grip.

The most surprising aspect of this build is the LS 427 engine, which is evident from the “Boss 427” insignias on the sides. Unlike the typical Coyote swap, this engine features an LS3 with an aluminum block that generates 625 horsepower.

Several custom parts adorn the body, including a carbon fiber hood, a front valance kit, and extended headlights. The color scheme that unifies the design is the non-metallic Live Green, sourced from a 1978 Porsche inventory.

Photo Source: Ruffian Cars