More 2024 Ford Mustang Information Discovered (via MotorTrend)

Prepare for a wide variety of powertrains

Motortrend's artist rendering of what the S650 Mustang may look like
Motortrend's artist rendering of what the S650 Mustang may look like

As recently revealed by MotorTrend, the next generation Mustang, codenamed S650, is looking to have the most diverse offering of powertrains in the model’s history.

While the 5.0L Coyote V8 and the 2.3L EcoBoost Inline-Four are pretty much 100% confirmed, the fact that the chassis will be based on a modified version of the CD6 platform means that hybrid powertrain options are very likely.

Coyote V8 in the 2021 Mustang Mach 1
The current generation Mustang Mach 1, with the 5.0L Coyote V8 powerplant providing just under 500 HP

The most likely model will be a form of modular hybrid-assist transmission (MHT), which is currently in the Ford Explorer Hybrid model. This would both work as a torque-fill during gear shifts, as well as provide low-down torque for moving off from a stop. To extract the most performance from such a system, it is expected that the much loved 6-speed manual might be replaced by a performance 8-speed dual clutch unit or the current 10-speed semi-automatic.

The more interesting deployment of hybrid power was discovered by Motortrend, among a few other publications, when they uncovered patent application drawings of the Coyote V8 with hybrid motors. Interestingly, there are two roughly alternator sized electric motor mounted on either side of the engine, with their outputs facing towards the front wheels. Instead of placing the motors directly at the wheel, or using some type of transfer case, this mounting style means that the output from each motor would be transferred to the front wheels much like in a front wheel drive car.

Coyote V8 hybrid
Items 322 and 343 are the two hybrid DC motors on either side of the crankcase of the Coyote V8 engine in Ford’s engine patent filing.


The implications of this layout also support the rumor, from very reliable sources, that in 2025 or 2026 the Mustang will be offered as a PHEV, or Plug-in Hybrid Electrified Vehicle. This would allow the Mustang to run entirely on the electric motors for a short range, before the V8 would kick in to both power the car and recharge the hybrid battery. Expected fully electric distances range in the 10 to 20 mile grouping.

The other major advantage of these dual hybrid motors is that it will allow for enhanced handling dynamics through on-the-fly torque vectoring without the need for a differential. This could be part of a track pack or technology pack, as we have known some Mustang models to offer in the past, or could be a new addition that would fall under badges such as Mach 1 or Bullitt. Time will only tell, but we’re not discounting either possibility.

2021 Mustang Mach 1
Could the Mach 1 badge have a performance hybrid future? Only time will tell!

The juiciest of these potential drivetrains, however, is a combination of the MHT, tuned toward being a performance hybrid like many new supercars from Europe, with the two hybrid electric motors also being deployed at the same time. This would make the Mustang an all wheel drive car, yet with the Coyote V8 able to be pushed above 700 HP reliably, this could potentially give us a 1,000+ HP performance monster from the factory.

The only downside that can be expected is that technology costs money, and even the base level 2.3L EcoBoost might see a significant bump over its $30,000 current model price. Add a convertible option to any of the models, and expect up to $6,000 added to the price sheet. Nonetheless, the fact that the S650 might be able to carry supercar and hypercar levels of power, from the factory, is more than enough reason to be excited!

We’re also still expecting the next Mustang to be announced in April, 2023, on the 59th anniversary of the original Mustang’s unveiling.