In-Depth Look At The Range Topping Version Of The Sixth-Generation Ford Mustang: 2022 Ford Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition

Though the world lost Carroll Shelby a decade ago, the 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500 Heritage Edition serves as a living testament to the design luminary’s efforts. This specialty Mustang showcases a striking Brittany Blue paint scheme, complete with a couple of unique graphics packages, both of which are aimed at bestowing the GT500 with a certain amount of “Shelby-Esque” flair.

Underneath its overtly striking appearance, the 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500 Heritage Edition is every bit as much the dominant performer as its standard GT500 counterpart. Beneath the GT500’s hood resides a fire-breathing 5.2L V8, which produces 760 horsepower, as well as 625 lb-ft of torque. This engine’s power is delivered downstream through a seven-speed Tremec dual-clutch transmission.

The 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition was marketed for a retail price of $78,835, which is $2,140 above the base GT500’s asking price, after factoring in the vehicle’s mandatory “gas-guzzler tax” and destination fee. Those opting for hand-painted stripes were subject to an additional $10,000 fee.

The big question however, is it worth it? Let’s find out as Raiti’s Rides examines the 2022 Ford Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition up close to see if it is indeed the best Mustang ever built from Ford’s outgoing S550 platform.