Ford Racing Speed Dial Adjustment Tool for 1994-2010 Mustangs

M-4209-ADPT-AHaving your speed read incorrectly can be somewhat frustrating at times if you have changed the rear-gear or gone with different tire sizes.  Fortunately Ford Racing has come out with a new product for owners of 1994-2010 Ford Mustang who have changed the tire size or rear-end gear and want to have the correct speedometer readings.  The new Speed-Dial tool is a very small and compact device that works with manual and automatic transmissions to provide owners a cheaper alternative to expensive aftermarket tuner devices.

This new tool is easily wired between the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) and PCM/Instrument cluster with four wires.  There is no reprogramming of the PCM required.

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Official Part Description:

Part Number: M-4209ADPT-A

Part Description: Ford Racing’s Speed-Dial Speedometer Adjustment Tool is for 1994-2010 Mustang owners who want to change their rear-end gear or tire/wheel size and*not spend hundreds of dollars for an aftermarket tuner device to correct the speedometer readings.

The Speed-Dial is a compact electronic speed sensor that provides a compatible signal required for proper speedometer reading. The unit features three adjustable rotary dials for adjustability and is easily wired-in between the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) and PCM/Instrument cluster. The Speed-Dial can increase the VSS signal up to 200% of the original signal, or decrease the signal by as much as 99%. Once the proper ratio has been determined using a simple formula, the owner simply dials it into Speed-Dial and the speedometer reads correctly.

* Corrects speedometer readings after larger wheel/tire installation or gear ratio changes.
* Fits 1994-2004 Mustang with a manual transmission.
* Fits 1994-2010 Mustang with an automatic transmission.
* Tool scales a frequency based vehicle speed signal up/down to maintain accurate. vehicle speed indication to the instrument cluster and PCM.**
* Engineered to withstand vibration and environmental conditions of under-hood installation.
* Easy 4 wire installation with instructions.
* No reprogramming of PCM necessary.

Source: Ford Racing