2005 Mustang Engine Information & Specs – 244 Ford Cologne V6 Engine (4.0 L)

4.0 L Cologne SOHC V6 Technical Specs & Data

2005 mustang 4.0 v6

2005 Mustang Engine Information – 244 cubic inch V6 (4.0L Ford Cologne V6)

The Cologne V6

The base Mustang did away with the wheezy 3.8-litre overhead valve V-6 in favor of Ford’s more powerful and freer revving 4.0-litre single overhead cam “Cologne” V-6 that had been introduced in the Ford Explorer in 1997. This new engine used a 60-degree cast iron block with a 3.94-inch bore and 3.3-inch stroke. This overhead cam engine was based on the rugged 4.0-litre “Cologne” overhead valve V-6 and therefore shared the same engine block.

Ford used a clever timing chain system to drive the camshafts in each cylinder head. A jackshaft was installed in place of where the cam resided in the overhead valve version of the engine. This jackshaft was used to drive the camshafts in the left and right cylinder heads. The timing chain for the left bank was located in the front of the engine while the chain driving the right side cam was located at the rear of the engine and a third chain at the front of the engine connected the jackshaft the crankshaft.

For Mustang duty the V-6 was treated to a unique camshaft grind, tuned exhaust manifolds, new flywheel and oil pan. Topping of the V-6 was a variable intake manifold and an electronic drive-by-wire throttle control; giving the V-6 excellent response as well as great power and flexibility over the entire rev range. In the Mustang, the V-6 produced a healthy 210-horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque, enough power to nearly match the output of the V-8 Mustang GT from 10 years earlier!

While the 2005 Mustang V-6 didn’t sound as sultry as a V-8 powered Mustang it did have very respectable performance capable of pushing the car to 60 miles an hour in less than seven seconds. It was also a big improvement in the area of refinement, running smoother and quieter than any six-cylinder Mustang in recent memory. For the first time in the car’s history a Mustang with the base engine was no longer a wheezy, unrefined, underpowered penalty box of a car to drive, it was actually a viable alternative to the V-8 for people who didn’t need or want the V-8 but still wanted a fun car that was smooth and had some kick.

Engine Basics

Year 2005
VIN Code N
Cylinders & Config V6
Displacement 244 cu / 4.0 liters
Power (hp) 210 hp @ 5,300 RPM
Torque (lb/ft) 240 lb/ft @ 3,500 RPM
Compression 9.7:1

Other Engine Specs

Firing order 1-4-2-5-3-6
Lobe lift intake and exhaust .259 inch
Allowable lobe lift loss .005 inch
Endplay .0003 – .007 inches
Journal diameter 1.099 to 1.101 inches
Bearing inside diameter 1.102 – 1.104
Journal to bearing oil clearance .002 to .004 (Max .006)

Engine & Other Torque Specifications

All torque specifications provided in this table are those recommended by FORD. If you use special bolts, follow the torque specifications provided by the manufacturer. I recommend that you use the 3 step torque technique where you torque down the bolts in three equal steps. Once you have reached the maximum recommended torque setting, go around one more time. Do not torque in a circular pattern. Always torque cross to cross.

Head bolts
This type of head bolt MUST be replaced! Step 1 = 10 lbs, step 2 = 18 lbs, Step 3 8mm bolts 24 lbs, Step 4 = + 90 degrees, step 5 = + 90 degrees more.
Intake manifold bolts 90 inch lbs
Exhaust manifold nuts 17
Exhaust pipe to manifold nuts 30
Drivebelt tensioner bolt 35
Flywheel driveplate bolts In 2 steps; 10 lbs, then 52 lbs
Front jackshaft sprocket bolts Step 1 = 33 lbs, step 2 + 90 degrees
Rear jackshaft sprocket bolts Step 1 = 15 lbs, step 2 + 90 degrees
Jackshaft chain tensioner bolts 80 inch lbs
Jackshaft chain guide bolts 168 inch lbs
Jackshaft thrust plate bolts 90 inch lbs
Engine mount nuts 46
Engine mount bracket to engine block bolts 59
Engine mount to chassis 52
Upper cam gear bolt
Crank cap bolts
Valve cover bolts 89 in lbs
Accessory brackets 35
Oil pump drive to engine block 168 inch lbs
Oil pump to block bolts 168 inch lbs
Oil pump screen to tube 89 inch lbs
Oil pan to crankcase reinforcement section 80 inch lbs
crankcase reinforcement section to block 89 inch lbs
crankcase reinforcement to block threaded inserts 27 inch lbs
crankcase reinforcement rear main seal 71 inch lbs
rear lower block cradle to transmission bolts 35 lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -right – upper 108 in lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -left – upper 108 in lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -left – lower 168 in lbs
camshaft sprocket bolt 63
camshaft bearing cap bolts step 1= 53 in-lbs, step 2 = 144 in lbs
crankshaft pulley bolt (must use new bolts!) 33, step 2 = additional 85 degrees