2001 Ford Mustang: Ultimate In-Depth Guide

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2001 Ford Mustang

2001 Ford Mustang Overview

Most of lineup was carryover for the 2001 model year Mustangs barring some special packages. The Cobra returned with a 320hp 4.6L DOHC V8 after a year on the sidelines. Most exciting for 2001 was that Ford released the special-edition Mustang Bullitt GT. The car was based on the 1968 Mustang GT-390 driven by Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt”.

Model: 2001 Ford Mustang
Generation: 4th Generation Mustang
Type: 2 Door
Body Styles: Coupe, Convertible
Engines: 3.8L EFI V6, 4.6L SOHC EFI V8, 4.6L DOHC EFI V8 (Bullitt), DOHC EFI V8 (Cobra)
Original Price: $16,805 (Base Coupe), $22,220 (Deluxe Convertible)
Units Produced: 163,818

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Background & Details

After minimal changes for the previous model year, 2001 brought about a flurry of styling and packaging changes. In 2001 Ford also surprisingly introduced the production Bullitt Mustang after the concept was introduced the previous year.

For 2001 Ford introduced a new sub-model structure for V6 and GT Mustang’s. Buyers could now choose a V6 Mustang coupe in Standard, Deluxe or Premium packages while V6 convertibles and all GT body styles were available in Deluxe or Premium trim. In addition to these new trim packages V6 buyers could also order a Sport Appearance Group that included 16-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, leather wrapped steering wheel and a rear spoiler.

Exterior changes to the 2001 Mustangs were limited to those differentiating the various styling packages. The base Mustang and convertible saw no change to their styling. The Bullitt had its own unique features and the Cobra also has some tweaks to make it look different.

Across the board, the 2001 Mustangs all carried the smoked headlight assemblies that were found on the 2000 Cobra R’s. A raised hood scope could be found on the GTs as well as side scoops that were found on the ’99 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustangs. The spoiler was also changed to form a more wing-like style. The Cobra now proudly wore its name deeply engraved into the rear bumper.

Mustang GT’s gained the hood, side scoops and pedestal rear spoiler from the 1999 35th anniversary edition giving the car a much more aggressive appearance. Also new was the addition of a new 17-inch alloy wheel with styling that mimicked the beloved five spoke Torq-Thrust wheels from the 1960’s. These new wheels quickly became a “must have” item for many owners of New Edge Mustang’s and proved to be a popular option.

As usual in Ford Mustang production, changes to the standard interiors were minimal but not insignificant. All 2001 Mustangs received a new centre console with revised (and much improved) cup holders and a power outlet and tissue holder in the storage area under the centre arm rest. Switches for the rear defogger, fog lights and traction control were now located just below the radio on all cars.

On convertible models the switch to operate the power top was moved from behind the cup holders to the area between the gear selector and cup holder. On coupes the switch for the power top was replaced with a mini coin holder that served more as a dirt and crumb collector than proper coin storage. The audio system was also redesigned with a more ergonomic double decker 2 DIN audio head unit replacing single DIN units that had small, finicky to operate buttons. Also new was the availability of an audio head unit with a built in 6 disc CD changer for the MACH 460 audio system option.

Engine-wise, the base 3.8 liter V6 was further tweaked to produce another 3 horse power, now up to 193. A solid performer for a base engine. The modular 4.6 liter V8 started out with 260 hp in standard form and grew to 265 horse power in the Bullitt and an even higher 320 hp in the 2001 Mustang Cobra.

Special Edition Models & Variants

This was the year that the Mustang Cobra came back from its one year hiatus. Quality issues during 1999 caused Ford to discontinue it in the past year. Ford also revived the Bullitt Mustang which was made famous in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt which in my opinion was one of those iconic car chase classics, that spawned generations of movie and TV imitations.

2001 Mustang GT


On the outside, the 2001 Mustang GT got a hood scoop similar in design to the 35th anniversary scoops, and non-functional side scoops were added too. The recessed hood and wide hood scoop continued to evolve the GT shape into an aggressive and sporty looking car that showed it was worthy of the performance praise it was getting.

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2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

SVT Cobra

The Cobra returned with a 320 hp 4.6L DOHC V-8, “COBRA” engraved in the rear bumper rather than “MUSTANG,” new interior, and the same spoiler found on standard and GT models. The 2001 Cobra came in 8 of the standard 2001 Mustang colors (no green, silver, or white was available), sport seats, power equipment group, rear spoiler, polished wheels, and Cobra letters embossed on the rear bumper.

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2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt


In 2000, Ford introduced the Bullitt concept car, spawning back memories of arguably one of the most exciting car chase scenes in history. This took place when Lt. Frank Bullitt, played by Steve McQueen, chased down the bad guys in a ’68 Charger R/T in his own Highland Green ’68 GT390. The concept was thought to be only for promotional use, simply as a tribute to the GT390, but the Bullitt went into production in 2001, as Ford hoped to capitalize on the ever growing cult classic movie, “Bullitt.” In all, 5,582 units were produced. The vehicle was offered in Dark Highland Green, Black, and True Blue.

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Specifications, Options & Detailed Stats

Production Numbers

In 2001 Ford surprisingly introduced the production Bullitt Mustang and sold 5,582 units. The rest of the lineup was basically a carryover and sales dropped 24% versus the prior year to only 163,818 units. To dive into the model and body splits as well as see charts and percentages, check out our 2001 Ford Mustang Production & Sales Numbers deep dive.

Options and Pricing

The 2001 base Mustang pricing was basically flat versus prior year at $16,805. Many new packages were introduced like the Deluxe and Premium variants. For more detailed options and pricing, please check out our 2001 pricing and options research.

Exterior & Interior Colors

A total of 11 colors were available for the 2001 Mustang model year. Three new colors were offered for the 2001 Mustang, they were True Blue, Mineral Gray, and Highland Green. Dark Highland Green was offered exclusively for the 2001 Bullitt. True Blue was available for the Bullitt, the Cobra, or the GT. Mineral Gray proved a popular color in 2001 and went onto be the top color in 2002. The Cobra also got several new colors. For detailed colors, color palettes, codes and interior colors please check out our in depth 2001 colors information post.

Engine Specs

The base V6 engine was back in 2001, once again producing 190 horsepower while the 4.6 liter SOHC was once again used to power the GT, also unchanged at 260 horsepower. The Cobra returned with a 320 hp 4.6L DOHC V8. For more information on engines for 20010, you can find the information here.

Dimensions & Weight


Below is the performance data for the 2001 Mustangs that we could find. The GT was still a solid performance car and the Bullitt held its own, but the Cobra continued to be the performance leader amongst the range. Below we have included 0-60 mph times, 0-100 mph times as well as quarter mile times and top speed where available.

VIN Information

Vin Decoder Mustang 2001

This link will take you to a page which contains the VIN tag information for all years of Mustangs. Previously this information appeared on each Mustang’s year page, but consolidating it has significantly reduced page loading times. To decode the build sheet, check out our 2001 VIN & Data Plate Decoder sheet.

Videos & Picture Galleries

We managed to find some great video reviews of the 2001 Mustang so definitely check those out. We also have a picture 2001 Ford Mustang Picture Gallery and photos of real Mustangs in each color that was available.