2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra: Ultimate Guide

After A Year On The Sidelines, The SVT Mustang Cobra Returned for 2001

2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

The SVT Cobra Is Back for 2001

After one year out of the marketplace, the SVT Mustang Cobra returned for 2001 with a full 320 horsepower and five new exterior colors and a number of exterior changes that included a return to the word COBRA embossed into the rear fascia. Inside, SVT gave the Cobra new, more-supportive seats and in-dash CD player.

The Cobra returned with a 320hp 4.6L DOHC V-8, “COBRA” engraved in the rear bumper rather than “MUSTANG,” new interior, and the same spoiler found on standard and GT models. Also new was the interior, “COBRA” marked in the rear bumper and the same spoiler used on both the V6 and GT models. The 2001 Cobra Mustang included a independent rear suspension system, raising the standard for muscle car performance. New colors for 2001 were True Blue, Zinc Yellow, Mineral Grey, Performance Red and Laser Red.

2001 Cobra Features

While the 2001 Cobra shares almost all the same components of the 1999, some changes were made including:

  • The engine block was changed from the Teksid block to the Windsor Aluminum Plant or WAP block. The WAP block is regarded to be weaker than the previous Teksid block. Some 2001s received the Teksid, either from the factory or as a replacement motor
  • Revised cylinder heads.
  • Cobra owners have reported “ticking/pinging” noise coming from the drivers side head of their cars. As due to insufficient cooling around cylinders #6/#7/#8 which allowed the valves to overheat and therefore seat improperly. Ford remedied the situation by issuing a TSB (TSB#03256/NHTSA#10008278 and NHTSA#10003118/TSB#03164) to remove and replace the affected heads with a version that featured altered coolant flow.
  • Cobra-specific seats with a combination of leather and Alcantara [suede-like microfiber] inserts and lager headrests – 1999 Cobras had normal Mustang seats.
  • A rear bumper that reads “COBRA”, instead of “MUSTANG”, as the 1999 Cobra had.
  • A rear badge on the trunklid was changed to say “SVT” instead of “SVT Cobra” as the 1999 Cobra had.
  • A new steering wheel and upgraded Mach audio.
  • The wheels for the 1999 and 2001 are 17×8. The ’99 & ’01 were sold with silver powder coated aluminum wheels.
  • The 2001 had the option of polished wheels in the same style.
  • The T-45 transmission in the 1999 model was replaced by the 3650 in the 2001 model.
  • The axle shafts and differential were changed from 28 splines in 1999 to 31 splines in 2001.
  • The rear decklid spoiler was redesigned.
  • The original two-piece audio unit consisting of radio with tape deck and a separate CD player was upgraded to a larger, single face 6 disc unit
  • The center console and trim were redesigned.
  • The buttons for the fog lights, the rear window defroster and the anti skid system were moved to a panel below the new radio
  • The emergency brake was fitted with a ‘boot’ of leather to cover the hole in the console where it protrudes.
  • The headlights were changed from a chrome background to a black background. The newer headlights are sometimes referred a “smoked” or “tinted” but this only refers to the black background. The actual lenses are clear and identical to that of the 1999 (these headlights were actually first used in the 2000 Cobra R and for the 2001 model year introduced to all Mustangs).
  • The color of the odometer digits and instrument cluster lighting was slightly changed.
  • Two blocks of the SN-95 2 SVT Mustang Cobra have the extra ribs designed to impart strength to the weaker WAP.
  • Note the hatching in valley of the Teksid is square, while the WAP has diagonal hatching.

Retail Prices

Cobra Coupe: $29,235
Cobra Convertible: $33,235
Spoiler: $195.00
Polished Wheels: $395
Floor Mats: $25

Production Numbers

Total Produced:7,251
Total Coupe Produced:
Total Convertible Produced: 3,384

Colors & Numbers

Exterior & Interior Combos Colors

Coupe Colors

Color Dark Charcoal Interior Medium Parchment Interior Total
Crystal White 227 146 373
Ebony 827 152 979
Performance Red 226 0 226
Laser Red 330 226 556
Zinc Yellow 347 0 347
True Blue 229 87 316
Silver 556 0 556
Mineral Gray 459 55 514

Convertible Colors

Color Charcoal with Black Roof Charcoal with White Roof Parchment with Black Roof Parchment with Parchment Roof Total
Crystal White 125 32 6 180 343
Ebony 759 0 52 131 942
Performance Red 130 0 0 0 130
Laser Red 238 0 13 297 548
Zinc Yellow 316 0 0 0 316
True Blue 163 0 12 117 292
Silver 431 0 0 0 431
Mineral Grey 356 0 26 0 382

VIN Decoder

The VIN is stamped on the plate which is riveted to the driver’s side of the dash, visible through windshield; the certification label is attached to the rear face of the driver’s door. For full details see our 2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra VIN Decoder page.

VIN Decoder Cobra 2001

Technical Specifications & Details


Built at: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Engine: 90-degree, DOHC 32-Valve V8
Displacement: 4.6L / 281 CID
Bore: 3.55 in
Stroke: 3.54 in
Power: 320 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque: 317 lbs.-ft. @ 4,750 rpm
Compression: 9.6:1
Front tires: P255/45ZR-17
Rear tires: P255/45ZR-17
Front brakes: 13 in. vented Brembo disc, PBR twin-piston caliper
Rear brakes: 11.65 in. vented disc, single-piston caliper
ABS: Three channel, four-sensor ABS system, linked to all-speed traction control
Front suspension: Modified gas-charged MacPherson strut type with separate 500 lb./in. spring on lower arm, 29mm tubular stabilizer bar
Rear suspension: Multi-link independent, steel upper control arm, fixed toe-control tie rod, aluminum spindle, gas-charged tubular shock absorber, 470 lb./in. coil spring, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar
Wheels: 17 x 8 in. 5-spoke forged aluminum
Tires: BFGoodrich Comp T/A P245/45ZR-17
1/4-mile @ MPH: 13.8 seconds
Top speed: ~225.3 kph / 140 mph
0 – 60 mph: 5.4 seconds


Available Engine – 4.6L DOHC V-8 320 hp

Configuration Longitudinally mounted, 90-degree V8, cast aluminum block and heads, iron cylinder liners, fully counterweighted forged crankshaft
Bore x Stroke 90.2mm x 90.0mm
Displacement 4,601cc (280 cid)
Compression ratio 9.85:1
Horsepower 320 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 317 lb.-ft. @ 4,750 rpm
Specific output 69.6 horsepower per liter
Redline 6,800 rpm (fuel shut-off occurs @ 7,000 rpm)
Valvetrain Double overhead camshafts, chain drive to exhaust cams, secondary chains from exhaust to intake cams, roller finger followers with hydraulic lash adjustment, oval-wire beehive- shaped valve springs, four valves per cylinder
Intake valves 2 per cylinder, 37mm head diameter
Exhaust valves 2 per cylinder, 30mm head diameter
Ignition system Distributor-less coil-on-plug
Fuel system Sequential electronic fuel injection
Intake manifold Cast aluminum, tuned equal length runners
Throttle body 57mm twin bore
Mass-air sensor 80mm diameter
Exhaust manifolds Cast iron
Exhaust system Dual, stainless steel, 2.25-inch diameter; 3.0 inch polished exhaust tips


Front Modified gas-charged MacPherson strut, with separate 500 lb./in. spring on lower arm, 28mm tubular stabilizer bar
Rear Multi-link independent, steel upper control arm, aluminum lower control arm, fixed toe-control tie rod, aluminum spindle, gas-charged tubular shock absorber, 470 lb./in. coil spring, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar


Type Rack and pinion, power assist
Gear ratio 15.0:1
Turns, lock to lock 2.5
Turning diameter 37.9 ft.


Front 13.0 in. (330mm) vented Brembo™ disc, PBR™ twin-piston caliper
Rear 11.65 in. (296mm) vented disc, single-piston caliper
ABS Four-channel, four-sensor system. Linked to all-speed traction control


Wheelbase 101.3 in./2,573mm
Length 183.5 in./4,661mm
Height 53.2 in. (53.5in.)/1,351mm (1,359mm)
Width 73.1 in./1,857mm
Track, F/R 59.9 in.; 59.9 in./1,521mm; 1,521mm
Head room, F/R 38.1 in.; 35.5 in./968mm; 901mm
Leg room, F/R 41.8 in./29.9; 1,062mm/759mm
Curb weight 3,430 lbs. (3,560 lbs.)/ 1,557 kg (1,617 kg)
Fuel capacity 15.7 gal./59.4 liters
Weight Distribution 55.5/44.5 (f/r)
(Numbers in parentheses are for Convertible)


Rear axle 8.8-in. ring gear with 3.27:1 limited-slip differential, aluminum case
Drive shaft Steel, with hardened yoke
Transmission Tremec™ 5-speed manual
Clutch 11.0-in. single-plate
Gear Ratio Maximum Speed In Gear
1st 3.37 45 mph (72 km/h)
2nd 1.99 77 mph (124 km/h)
3rd 1.33 115 mph (185 km/h)
4th 1.00 150 mph (241 km/h)
5th 0.67
Reverse 3.22
Final drive 3.27
Traction control Accomplished by engine ignition timing, cylinder cut-off, brake application. Linked to ABS module and engine control module. Driver-controlled on-off switch